The Pittsburgh Foundation's Charitable Gift Card offers an inspiring and convenient way to give while helping to support the invaluable work of nonprofit organizations in our community. The cards are available in increments of $25, $50 or $100 to share with family, friends and business associates and may be purchased here using a valid credit card.


The program works like any gift cards; recipients of the cards may redeem them with the Foundation, directing the charity to benefit or the cards may be presented to any nonprofit organization in western Pennsylvania for them to redeem with the Foundation. The card has one-year expiration, after which the money received for unredeemed cards is used as part of the Foundation's community grantmaking initiatives.


As a purchaser of a gift card, you receive an automatic acknowledgement for your tax purposes. To purchase gift cards, click on the "Purchase Cards" button below. To redeem a card, please click on the "Redeem Cards" button below.


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